👨‍💻Based on Google Analytics

To initiate a new conversation, click on New chat and select the Google Analytics app

If you have only connected Google Analytics, when starting a new conversation, there's no need to select any app. The Google Analytics app will automatically be chosen by default.

Which questions to ask on the chat?

On the right panel, you'll find prompt examples you can click on. Selecting one populates it into your chat input. Simply click on the arrow icon or press enter on your keyboard to get an answer.

  • What are the top campaigns on the last week?

  • How has traffic evolved this week compared to previous one? What is the explanation of this difference?

  • What are the most visited pages on our website over the past month?

  • Which keywords are driving organic search traffic to our site, and how well are we ranking for them?

  • Which geographical regions contribute the most to our traffic over the last week?

  • Can we identify the most effective channel group for driving conversions over the past month?

  • Which ad formats are driving the most active users to our site over the past month?

  • How is our website/app performing in terms of sessions across different countries over the past three months?

  • What is the impact of our social media efforts on website traffic and engagement?

  • How many Daily Active Users (DAU) has my app had in the last quarter?

  • Which age brackets are most represented among new users?

  • How many Active Users per country has my app had in the last quarter?

  • What is the average time users spend on our website?

  • What are the top landing pages, and what does this indicate about user interest?

  • How do user demographics (age, gender, location) influence website behavior and conversion rates? Take last month into account.

  • What is the average session duration for different device categories on {short period}?

  • How do our bounce rates vary across different pages, and what can we infer from this?

  • Which content (articles, videos, product pages) retains users the longest on the last month?

  • How does site performance (load times, interaction readiness) affect user engagement?

  • What are the correlations between page speed metrics and conversion rates?

  • What is the conversion rate for our key goals or events over the past month?

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