🤓How it works

How Blobr operates

Blobr handles integrations by either storing data in dedicated databases or initiating specific API calls to retrieve information. For example, it stores HubSpot and Stripe data in databases to enhance analytical capabilities. In the case of Google Analytics, Blobr exclusively utilizes API requests through RunReport.

Blobr strictly adheres to read-only access for all applications, ensuring that no alterations or modifications are made to your tools.

We only collect the essential data required for our services, seeking consent when necessary. Additionally, we have prepared a comprehensive data privacy policy to address potential data breaches, outlining specific protocols and actions to ensure compliance with this policy.

Currently used LLM

We use OpenAI LLM at the moment using Blobr API keys to OpenAI and more specifically gpt3, gpt3.5-turbo and gpt4. Blobr has been designed to be agnostic to any LLM, allowing us to adapt and connect to open-source LLMs in the near future.

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