🤑Based on Stripe

To initiate a new conversation, click on New chat and select the Stripe app

If you have only connected Stripe, when starting a new conversation, there's no need to select any app. The Stripe app will automatically be chosen by default.

Which questions to ask on the chat?

On the right panel, you'll find prompt examples you can click on. Selecting one populates it into your chat input. Simply click on the arrow icon or press enter on your keyboard to get an answer.

  • How much did we collect from the customer {First Name + Last Name}?

  • What are are last 10 transactions?

  • Any suspect transaction over the last 50?

  • Provide a comprehensive list of the various transaction categories available to us.

  • Have there been any discernible patterns or anomalies in the frequency or amounts of transactions over the past month?

  • Can you break down paid and unpaid invoices for the last month?

  • How many invoices were successfully paid in the last month?

  • What is the total tax amount collected through invoices over Q4 2023?

  • How many active products in total?

  • What are the different types of products?

  • How many subscriptions are currently using discounts or coupons?

  • What is the breakdown of subscriptions by plan billing scheme (e.g., per_unit, tiered)?

  • Provide a breakdown of subscription status.

  • Provide a breakdown of subscriptions by currency.

  • How many customers have multiple active subscriptions? Take the period since the beginning of 2024 into account.

  • What percentage of subscriptions are billed automatically vs. manually?

  • Among all subscriptions, how many have a free trial?

  • How many customers have churned during {short period}?

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