😎Best practices

The more apps, the better the experience

As you integrate more applications, Blobr's analytical power expands.

For instance, with Google Analytics, Blobr focuses website traffic, user demographics, and campaign effectiveness. With Stripe, Blobr provides granular insights into transaction trends and customer spending behavior. For HubSpot, Blobr analyzes lead generation, customer interactions, and marketing campaign performance.

What's more powerful though, is that by managing multiple tools simultaneously, Blobr unlocks a wealth of additional insights and recommendations, empowering you to make informed decisions in your day-to-day lives.

The more feedback we receive, the faster we iterate

We value your feedback as it fuels our continuous improvement. The more feedback we receive from users like you, the faster we can iterate and enhance your experience. Whether it's a suggestion, question, or a potential improvement you've identified, we welcome and appreciate your input.

To seamlessly provide feedback during your conversation, use our feedback functionality to rate the quality of responses. If you encounter unsatisfactory responses, you can effortlessly share your thoughts on why you find them lacking. We eagerly anticipate receiving and reviewing all your valuable feedback.

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