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To initiate a new conversation, click on New chat and select the Hubspot app

If you have only connected Hubspot, when starting a new conversation, there's no need to select any app. The Hubspot app will automatically be chosen by default.

Which questions to ask on the chat?

On the right panel, you'll find prompt examples you can click on. Selecting one populates it into your chat input. Simply click on the arrow icon or press enter on your keyboard to get an answer.

  • What are the updates regarding the contact {First Name} {Last Name}?

  • Share details about the 5 most recent closed deals with amounts surpassing {currency}{amount}.

  • When was the last meeting booked with the contact {First name} {Last Name}?

  • Share details about the 10 most recent closed deals.

  • Analyze the number of page views in HubSpot analytics for contacts associated with different sources.

  • Provide insights into the latest sources that have the most significant impact on overall company growth.

  • Are we waiting for something from {Company name}?

  • Provide details about the last companies which entered the CRM.

  • How many days, on average, does it take to close a deal?

  • What are the reasons for the last 10 lost deals, and could you include the names of these deals?

  • Analyze the dynamics of deals across different pipelines. How do deal stages and priorities vary, and what insights can be gained to optimize pipeline management?

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